Monday, July 28, 2014

Chapter 2

It's been three days.  The soldiers stayed in the Terminal Wing but last night I started hearing screams of pain.  I kept waiting for someone to help the screamer but it just kept going on and on until I couldn't stand it anymore.  I started to sneak away but Roland caught me.

"Georgie ..."

"I'm sorry Roland.  I have to try.  God is watching."

Roland grumbled before moving away from the door.  "I hope He has some of those angels of His watching too."

I patted his arm and said, "He does.  He always does."

I had my satchel over my shoulder and my earpluts in; Mr. Waverly got them away from DW and gave them back to me.  I walked over to the Terminal Wing but got a surprise when I got there to find some of the staff rolling the screaming soldier away towars Isolation.  Luckily it was Mr. Waverly in charge and not one of the others.  He sent off the otehr staffer saying he could handle the screamer.  The he let me try my stuff; he said it couldn't hurt.

A couple of the soldiers look on from the door of the exam room where Mr. Waverly had taken the soldier.  Some of them were angry but mostly what I got off of them was fear and depression.  It took most of the night but I finally got the screaming man to stop and got to sleep.  I'm really tired but DW has been up to tricks so I haven't dared to take a nap.  I took a good look at DW and I think she is sick.  The whites of her eyes aren't as white as they should be.  I think making her own "medicine" is finally catching up with her. If her skin starts yellowing then I'll know it is her liver.

I tried to tell her once that her medicine wasn't good and she slapped me really hard and locked me in Isolation for a week, claiming I'd made threats to hurt myself.  Roland was mad and said no matter what I promised Nurse Cassie I wasn't obligated to help devils and not to do it ever again.  I haven't because it scared the others so bad when I was gone but if DW starts hurting I will have to try again even if it makes the rest of us upset.

Sometimes making oaths on the Bible like I did with Nurse Cassie is a hard thing to live up to.


"What are you doing?  Get away from him you freak!"

Georgie took the finger of the hand that reached for her and bent it backwards so that the big man dropped to his knees.  "I am trying to help him.  You are getting in the way."

Mr. Waverly said, "None of that Georgina.  They just don't understand.  Yet.  Can you help him?"

"Can someone tell me what happened to make him scream?"

A tired older man limped in.  "The boy has PTSD so they say."

Georgie asked, "Is that all?"

"Isn't that enough?  Ran out of his meds yesteray and this is what happened."

It took the name of the medication and some searching in two of Nurse Cassie's books but Georgie realized that the medicine had been stopped "cold turkey" and that one of the side effects of doing it that way was violent hallucinations.

"He's got DTs.  If we can keep him from hurting himself while he goes through them I think we can figure out a way to help him."

Mr. Waverly said, "That's a tall order Georgina.  After he broke his restraints the third time ..."

"Isolation.  I know, but that's not a good place for him until we find out why he's scared."

Eventually when all else failed Georgie started wiping the man's face with cool water and singing to him quietly the way she managed some of the children when they would have a bad episode or get scared.  Finally after an hour the young man slowly began to respond and his screams tapered off.  He still babbled unintelligibly but then bit by bit relaxed and fell into an exhausted slumber.

Mr. Waverly said, "You need to get back."

Georgie nodded tiredly.  "Yes.  But I have to come back and check on him later.  Do you think someone will stay with him?"

The limping older man who eventually said to call him Chaplin said, "I'll stay with him.  If the poor bastard is lucky he'll sleep the clock around."

Georgie shook her head.  "He need to drink.  He's sweated buckets more than I was able to get down him.  He needs it to flush the nasties out of his system."

Georgie was walking out of the ward when the same man, Lt. Johnson, stepped in front of her and demanded, "Who are you?  What are you?"

George could have felt a lot of things at the rudeness of those questions but instead she took one look into the man's eyes and felt a deep compassion.  "My name is Georgie - or the grown ups call me Georgina.  What I am is someone that wants to be your friend and help.  But I know I can't be until you're ready.  So until thenif you have questions - real questions - I'll see if I can answer them.  "She stopped and sighed.  "But not right now 'cause I have to go back to the other before I get in trouble.  Plus Roland will be worried."

Georgie slipped around the door, just making it to her room before morning roll call.

There was rampant curiosity about the girl by those that had witnessed her manner.  Chaplin was the first to say, "She don't seem like a defective."

Waverly was almost too tired to be afronted.  "Don't call the children that."

"And she don't look much like a kid either."

"And none of that either or I'll lock the ward down myself and lose the key."

"Easy Waverly.  You're reading something that isn't there.  Just mean she ain't what I expected when all we've heard is that we're bivouacing with a bunch of defective children."

Waverly pinched the bridge of his nose and then gave a brief rundown of the children's history.  "Georgina and Roland should have led perfectly normal lives except for the circumstances of their births.  Roland would have received physical therapy early on and probably not become wheelchair bound - he still had feeling in his lower extremeties, just not real motor control.  And Georgina should have been screened and fitted with proper hering aids and not just earplugs.  All the two of them needed was minor attention in infancy and they could have been deemed fit to be in society.  But they were orphans and are completely immune to X13 and all its variants so they were sent here to this bloody ..."  He looked at the men watching him.  "Once a month the federal vampires show up to siphon a pint of blood off of each of them.  That blood is the sole source for the serum that has become the only viable treatment in the world for X13."

There was stunned silence.  Mr. Waverly smiled cynically.  "So gentlemen ... and ladies ... what's your take on our rsidents now?  Still think they are defenctive mistakes that should be euthanized?"


  1. Really like this new story! Thanks Kathy :)

  2. I agree with SheWolf, I really like where this story could go.....