Saturday, February 28, 2015

Chapter 14

Holy hell, what a damn mess.  What a damn friggin’ mess.  It’s taken almost a week for all the kids to completely be themselves.  I’m pretty sure it would have been longer without the meds and special rations being given to them. 

Waverley; ain't sure what to make of him yet. I don't trust him but at the same time looks like I might not have any choice but to accept the help he is offering.  If it really is help he is offering.  I have my doubts.

It's more information than actual help, assuming it is true it is more than I had before. I haven't said anything to the kids. Don't know what to say yet. And what I could say I'm not sure they're up to hearing. On the other hand I wonder if they don't already know. There's a weird acceptance coming off of some of them. Especially Roland. The boy is depressed. It ain't all about Nella either.

Need to talk to Georgie but she's closed herself off. She still takes care of everyone, still calms the fears I see popping up more and more. Even does what she can for the staff. She patched Waverley up, not asking a single question. Yesterday she set Russell's hand; it looked like it had been slammed in a door or a drawer. She did didn't ask questions about how it happened. Russell was so relieved he actually patted her shoulder and told her not to wander.

When he turned away he missed the look Georgie through his in Waverley's direction. I've never seen the girl even give a hint of that kind of anger, not even with that whole thing went down in the greenhouse. Roland saw her too and it confused him. Tells me it's time to get worried.

She knows something but I don't know how she knows. We've all been watching her to make sure she doesn't go wandering. I swear she ain't been out of the wing so how could she know something we don't?



"If you're asking me what's up with Georgie, I don't know. All she does is sit there with the books, trying to learn more doctoring."

Johnson, visibly upset, snapped, "Dammit! Dammit! Dammit! She's figured it out."

"That X13 has gotten out of control again? Another wave is sweeping the country?"

A startled Johnson through a disbelieving look at Roland.  "How the hell ... never mind.  Guess it is time to put the cards on the table.  It is worse than it simply being out of control.  It's the world this time Kid. Quarantine and spot vaccinating is not helping. It has officially taken on pandemic status. And this latest strain is extremely antibiotic resistant. The only thing that is helping is a full clade vaccination of X13 serum before infection."

Georgie, having seen some of them congregating strolled over and casually sat down like she did when she was making sure that no one needed her doctoring. With facial expressions that didn’t match the words coming from her barely moving lips she told them, "Don't talk when Waverley and Russell are around. They're reporting everything they hear. Don't believe anything Waverley says until we can fact check it against what we've seen with our own eyes.  From what I’ve seen it's way worse than he is letting on. The Director really isn't in charge anymore. In fact she hasn't been seen in three days; right after she had a fight with some Outsider big wig that took over her office. I'll explain later. There's other things we need to talk about but not now and not here. I'll figure out a way as soon as I can. Play normal, they're watching us."

She got up and turned around and said, "I'm fine. Just fine. Stop treating me like a baby. I'm over it already I told you."

Johnson slowly turned to Roland and asked in a similar tone, "You believe that?"

Carefully, in the same tone, he answered, "She's just worried. Some of us took longer to come back from giving blood than usual. Someone getting the dates wrong really upset her. The Director will fix it. She doesn't like things to throw the schedule off because then she gets chewed on by her bosses. Maybe we should give Georgie some space."

"Hmmmm. Maybe so, but you need to encourage her to take care of herself too. Worrying about everyone else isn't going to change what happened and it only makes everyone nervous."

"I will. But ... she worries. She has a lot of responsibilities since DW hasn't come back yet. I wonder when she will?  Maybe I should ask Mr. Waverly if he knows."

"Don't go sticking your nose into some place it doesn't belong Kid. Just make sure that Georgie behaves."

Johnson went back to the ward used by the soldiers and sat in their common area brooding. He didn't want to believe Georgie but he did. He also wanted to know how she knew what she knew.

He was no closer to an answer at lights out but he was exhausted. The food may have improved for the kids but it wasn't improving for anyone else. And foraging for more food was out of the question if they were being watched. He was about to take his shirt off when he noticed a little dust drifting down from the ancient acoustic ceiling tiles. When one lifted and a stubbly-head appeared it took everything Johnson had and then some not to have a furious meltdown.


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