Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Chapter 5

I gave my oath.  I put my hand on a Bible and promised to only help people.  But I … no, if I start telling stories to make myself feel better I’ll never stop.  Better to tell myself the truth because that is all I’ll have when I die.  But they’re rabid animals, not men.  They’re worse; they’re monsters. 

There has to be rules.  And when you break the rules there has to be consequences.  Those five men should have gone to Lockdown.  The Director and the Commander yelled at each other for a long time.  In the end it didn’t matter.  They weren’t going to pay consequences even though their Commander is in hot water.  It isn’t enough. 

So I’m going to make them pay consequences but no one can know.  Just like with Benson, no one can ever know.  Not Roland.  Not our soldiers.  Not anyone.  God knows though.  But I’ll willingly pay consequences to Him for this.  He is the only one that has the right.  But in this life on this, I’m the consequences giver.  And no one better get in my way. 


Kicking over a chair Johnson yelled, “Well where the hell is she?!” 

Roland scratched his head and snapped back, “I keep telling you.  I … don’t … know.” 

“The one normal kid on the ward and I can’t count on you to keep track of one small, barely holding it together girl.  Dammit!” 

Roland called Johnson a foul word surprising everyone standing there.  “I’m not the only ‘normal’ one.  And in case you haven’t noticed I’m in a wheel chair.  Georgie might be messed up but she can still out run me.” 

Johnson scrubbed his face before hoarsely offering a, “Sorry Kid.”  He sighed and then slammed his fist into the wall.  “Dammit, dammit, dammit.  Where the hell is she?  You … you don’t think she’d … hurt herself?” 

Roland looked worried.  “I … I don’t know.  I don’t think so.  But Caro was her best friend and … and Georgie won’t talk.  Not since the Director made her tell their Commander what his men did to her and Caro.  The only thing she told me was that she was told if she kept making a fuss she’d be put in Lockdown.  She wouldn’t lie about that.” 

“Can you even guess where she might be?” 

Everyone jumped when a door closed and Georgie said, “I’m right here.  I was looking for quiet but I can’t find any.  It’s all gone.” 

No one knew what to say, not even when she limped off to her room carrying her muddy shoes that dripped mess on the normally pristine tiled floor.  Roland went to follow her but Nela stopped him.  “Let me.  You might be as good as a brother to her but you’re still a guy.” 

Nela caught up with Georgie at the head of the girls’ hall and then disappeared into her room with her.  Roland muttered, “I know what they did.  She won’t say it but I know.  We all do.” 

“Yeah Kid.  We do too.  Life basically sucks and then you die.” 

Roland growled, “Some people don’t die soon enough.” 

Sighing like the old man he felt he said, “A painful truth and a hard way to learn it.” 

Then Roland shocked them by saying, “They’re sending more soldiers.  When these are gone.  They’re sending more.” 

“What?!  How did you … weren’t you told to stay out of their cloud?” 

Roland shook his head.  “Wasn’t me.  Mr. Waverly had an argument with one of their orderlies.  Robbie heard them when he was washing trays in the staff cafeteria.  He said he heard they were going to open the South Wing and turn it into some kind of special hospital.  That some place called McCallister had gotten infiltrated and is now useless to them.” 

Johnson and Chaplin looked at each other.  McCallister had always been rumored to house a lot of secret stuff but they weren’t about to tell the brilliant, angry teen in front of them. 

“Until it becomes a fact all we can do is dealwith what is already here.  Now that Georgie is back we’ll go to our posts.  Nela will do what she can but it’s important, no more wandering.  It’s as unfair as hell, but since they won’t lock up those sick bastards we’re gonna lock you kids away from them the best we can.” 

Roland didn’t like it but he understood.  He just hoped Georgie would.

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